Grateful Awareness



About a month ago I walked into my monthly Acupuncture appointment.  It was one of those self care days and an experience I always look forward to.  It is never really the same.

The circumstances of events and how I come to be on the table awaiting the small needles and their placement on my body somehow always cause a shift to my own existence and awareness.  This time something really special happened and I had to share with you all in essence of what was achieved at a higher consciousness level.  I call it Grateful Awareness.  We are all familiar with being mindful or mindful awareness but this was something different.

As my appointment was coming to an end and the needles (not including the ones that somehow pushed themselves out as if energetically they did their job well done) were being collected I felt inclined to thank my Acupuncturist.

I offerered my gratitude and appreciation to what she has done for me these past four years and how our relationship has always been a beautiful ying and yang.  I continued to further share my love for our teacher/student relationship and the ever evolving service she provides for me through my “soul evolution”.  We continued to close for the beautiful moment we connected on and I went about the day in my thoughts.  It wasn’t until later that evening as I was telling the story of my day to my twin flame that the seed of Grateful Awareness blossomed!

During the exchange with my Acupuncturist something magical happened that maybe I had experienced at another level in another time in another life at another stage of soulful growth.  It was the minor fact that she never said “Thank you”, she never was overly attached to my gratefulness or the entirety of praise that I wanted her to receive.  This is what spawned Grateful Awareness for me and for me to share with all of you.

That moment of me being grateful was important for me.  She knew this as part of her own philosophy and awareness.  She let me have my moment of gratefulness and appreciation without making it her own.  She humbly received praise without selfishly turning it into something else altogether.  It was beautiful!  It was clarity!  It was Grateful Awareness!

Always evolving,
James Joseph L. R.


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