To Coddle or Not To Coddle?

So its the 5th day of January 2017 and somehow I already feel like the year has gone into a fast frenzy.  Is it 2018 yet?

I always gear up for the new year.  New Years Eve happens to be one of my favorite holidays to celebrate and not only for the "amateur night" effect but for the change in that yearly number!

Numerology happens to be one of my favorite metaphysical and philosophical studies.  If you are unfamiliar with numerology then I would love to fill you in on what we have in store for 2017.  It happens to be a passionate subject of mine.....On a basic note if you add 2+0+1+7 you get 10.  The number 10 then minimizes to a 1 because 1+0 is 1; in the study of numerology we live in 9 cycles from 1-9 so anything after 9 is then just looked at a little more closely.  I will tell you how!

Most numerologist will sum up 2017 as being a vibe of 1, which symbolizes high energy in creativity, self-empowerment, and above all an intensity of saying NO to all the coddling!  I believe we have been living in a society and culture that has done a little too much of this, not saying we didn't need a little TLC, BUUUUUTTTTT its now time to move forward as the number 1 also symbolizes NEW BEGINNINGS!  How fitting, considering how 2016 made everyone feel.  Well we all know how we all feel and now its time to ACT.  One , especially with this crazy mercury behind it is all about ACTING out what we've been feeling.  Enough is enough and I don't know about you, but I am done with the coddling.

When you take a closer look at the year 2017 in numerology as I stated earlier it really exists as a 10. Any number with a 0 attached to it is significant.  A zero represents "God Energy", or the highest, best, and purest of SPIRIT!  That being said, we can now look at how we are giving this year to not only push forward, but we have spirit behind us to help us EVOLVE to where our souls are meant to be.

We are all meant to be highly evolved, positive thinking, positive feeling, good-will souls!  So I ask all my readers to really focus on the gifts and powers we have all been blessed with.  It's our souls that have a body, not our bodies that have a soul.  I once read not too long ago, imagine if we all could only see each others souls and not our bodies?  Oh how different this reality would be. Judgement on physical attributes definitely wouldn't exist because it wouldn't matter.  I myself have decided to represent the pansexuals (one who is attracted to beautiful souls!).

Please take this new year vibe of new beginnings and the strengths of our inner beings to evolve and strengthen our local communities.  This will begin a beautiful level of super consciousness on a universal scale.  I can feel it happening, can you?

According to google coddle means "to treat in an indulgent or overprotective way".  For 2017 we should focus on the universal movement of responsible empowerment!

Always evolving,
James Joseph S. L.


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