Color Therapy

I thought it was time to share some insight on the provoking colors we wear, see, feel, and portray with our more than usual daily intentions.

I can remember the shifts in colors that I viewed to represent me in some sort of fashion for certain periods of my life.  When I was just a young boy my favorite color was green. Green can represent so much to us, but for me it was always a color I was drawn to for comfort.  Whether it was to ease my childhood growing pains or a blanket from the divine in the form of forest, emerald, or jade green; I truly believe it empowered my soul.  The color green gave me the fuel needed to sustain an understanding of reality in which only I could conceive at that time.  It wasn't until I was in my teens that I began to feel a shift in my own growth and began to fall in love with the color red!

Red thrusted into my life around the age of 17 most likely.  It was the beginning stages of me recognizing the power this rich, intense color of red had the ability to reflect.  I loved all things red! I would always be drawn to the red in the clothes I wore and even the beautiful red hair seen in all shades and tones.  Red stayed with me for quite some time as I went through the emotional roller coasters of intoxicating and/or toxic relationships we all experience.  Red had a vibrancy as it integrated into my adulthood, my career, and my roles as a leader, teacher, and business owner!  As 2016 was coming to an end and my spirituality once again began to transform and ascend it was the color blue that decided to make its impact!

Blue made its major entrance into my life at 34 years old.  I can see the vintage grey blue that tuned me into a super consciousness level.  This happened at the height of fall and I noticed its staying power when I decided to bond blue hair extension pieces to the hair I grew for the past two years!  It continues to shape and shift my emotional securities.  Blue has this immense healing power for me. It's calming and all at once formidable!  Cobalt blue, moonstone blue, and of course one of my favorites, ink blue; they just all sing out to me, envelope me with a much needed balance during this shift 2017 has brought to us all.

I encourage you all to recognize the colors that make you feel strong, and ALIVE...continue to spread the joy of what you feel.  Recognize the insecurities we all share in order to heal one another and ourselves with the color that resonates the most for you.  Remember no matter what color is yours, they all carry positive affirmations we all need to envelope as we evolve into the divine energy we are meant to be!

Always evolving,
James Joseph S. L.


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