Thursday, December 8, 2016

Nostalgia:The Pros and Cons

It's all about the this case it's all about the emotional purge that throughout our lives I believe gets clogged up like an old water pipe sifting everyone's filth.  I know that sounds probably more blunt than I sometimes would like to write or speak but in this instance, at this very moment after days of emotional purging I believe it's okay to just SCREAM AND SHOUT AND CRY AND LAUGH AND SREAM AND SHOUT AND CRY AND LAUGH AGAIN AND AGAIN...

I feel it's healthy to let go of things that may have been attached to oneself for far too long.  I have this constant battle that I know anyone would be able to share with me in regards to that "nostalgic feeling".  I love the nostalgia of how we tie our emotions to our mental and physical state.  When that song comes on from our teen angst years that got us through our first heartache.  When that smell of the most amazing dinner your mom or dad may have made for you as a child comes through the store of a local mom and pop restaurant downtown.  When you pass the tree you first climbed while playing a "magic" game with your brothers and sisters.  Whatever that moment may be; it brings us back in time.  It's like this magical euphoric experience that literally lets us time hop.  It's so crazy to think about wouldn't you agree?  We can actually travel through time when you listen to your inner-self at these moments!  Whether it's nostalgia connecting us to the past, dejavue connecting us to an unmistakenable link to the present, or even a sense of intuitive direction to drive us forward to our futures!

The nostalgia that I often find myself in conflict with is that of which connects us to our relationships with friends, family, lovers...

There may always be that connection we have from days to years of sharing special nostalgic moments with someone else.  These moments bring us back to our former selves before we may have evolved to a stronger and more successful version of what we were in our teens, 20's, and now 30's for me.  I recently have had another break through of growth of understanding that it truly is okay to value those moments that made certain relationships thrive and give us what we needed for that time in our lives.  However, it can be heart breaking when our relationships with ourselves and others shift to promote a much needed change and evolution of self, especially when you connect at a high sensitive nostalgic level as I do.

I want my readers to know that it's okay.  Change is inevitable.  It's what you do with change that really matters!  You make it positive, you make it worth the love and the pain that can be shared all in the same moment.  

I want and intend for all of those who are out there to succeed as a human-being, as someone who will share the promotion of positive growth and development to share their nostalgic moments.  Please share those times that made you a better person, that helped you and others to grow in the way you want our species and this universe to succeed harmoniously.

Always evolving and sincerely thankful for this life,
James Joseph S. L.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


JamesJoseph here on my iPad settled in at the common UNCOMMON GROUNDS in Saratoga Springs, NY .  This is my first official writing!  I have always found writing in the plethora of journals I own to be helpful in my expansion of feeling on opinions, and just life itself.

It's a beautiful day in November and I have just finished a session of acupuncture with the infamous Terry Keenan at One Roof in Saratoga Springs,NY.  Not only does acupuncture help with grounding, it also can be relaxing.  I know there are feelings out there on the "needle-phobia" associated with ones attempt to try acupuncture.  However, it is not at all painful or scary!  I may be somewhat accustomed to needle-work when it comes to my array of tattoos, but I must share with my readers that the needles used in acupuncture barely feel like a prick and as soon as the needle reaches the point of interest on the body for healing work it is instantly unrecognizable unless you move your body.  I would highly recommend acupuncture for those of you who are looking for some Eastern Medicine relief!

My day will continue with a nice cup of coffee and even more grounding work with my internal self.  It is important to have at least one of these days a week to keep yourself balanced and healthy, especially for those of you who share your energy field daily!

To anyone and everyone who continues to read my blogs,
You will become accustomed to my diverse topics of interests, mostly including that of metaphysics, and aesthetics.  I will share with you my views on a healthy lifestyle and how I manage a 6 day work week as a small business owner, a pet owner, and of course a partner to my best friend!

I hope you all make it a great day.  Don't forget to smudge yourself with some white sage !  Stay healthy, strong, and happy.  FIGHT HATE WITH LOVE AND COMPASSION!

Always evolving,
JamesJoseph S. L.

Monday, November 14, 2016


 After our grand opening we received some great press from the local Chamber. Thanks so much for everyone that came out and made this day so very special. Check out the article here at