Be The Flow

After reading my blog back in December of 2017 I can honestly say that everything I wrote really came to fruition!

It has been such a fulfilling year, in fact empowering!  Throughout the years events, both personally and globally, I am at a complete awareness that we are now living in the paradigm shift we have all been wanting to see and not just feel!

I want to say that despite the news of this intense hurricane about to hit the east coast and our beloved Outerbanks of North Carolina, our trip to Brigands Bay this August brought about one of the biggest epiphanies I’ve had all year.

I think we can all agree that the phrase, “Go with the flow”, has had some powerful meaning and transformation for us.  I believe in essence we should all “Be the flow” and not just go with it.  What are we going with exactly?  What is the flow?  When you break it down to actually being what THE FLOW is then clarity really comes to those evolving human beings!  It’s been a powerful mantra I plan to continue to live by for the rest of this human experience.

Whenever I feel out of this “flow” I immediately say to myself or out loud or to whomever or whatever is attempting to take me out of the “flow” to JUST BE IN IT!  Let the energy you don’t need for your highest and best continue to flow through you and not stay with you especially if its negative and unnecessary!  Remember, not every situation deserves a reaction.  It may just need to be addressed and then pushed onward away from your truth so that it doesn’t take your power.   It’s super powerful and actually can work when you know what that “flow” is for you.  I am sure it can be different for everyone but universally I believe its the energy or the current you are living on the daily!  

I want to be in this flow of mine forever!  Find your flow!  It’s amazing how when clarity hits on something so positively inspiring it becomes YOUR MANTRA, YOUR SOULS PURPOSE, and then it is infectious.  I have had multiple people recently really picking up this “Zen attitude”.  Calling it a type of attitude I believe does it no justice and honestly its your souls alignment to source that really cant be categorized or explained because it’s YOUR SOUL and it’s YOUR MANTRA.  Individually we have the ability to protect ourselves as well as heal ourselves and then share this beautiful energy thus creating that infectious positive vibe for all in contact with you.

We are all connected so understanding your “flow” or your “current” energy and then actually BEING THAT ENERGY is some powerful stuff!  Again I don’t want you to just try to find it because YOU ARE IT!  You are this powerful super being that has this amazing gift to be a flow of energy that will ultimately shift someone into theirs if they need that extra push in doing so.  Some may call it, “waking up”.  Well I am awake and I have been awake for quite some time.  This fire energy of mine will continue to inspire and grow.  

This is my flow!

Always evolving,
James Joseph L. Rosenfield 


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