An art of healing

My studies on metaphysics and the philosophies that encompass the world of the 4th, 5th, and beyond the 3rd dimension continue to fuel the passion I have to connect all of us to our true divine nature.

Remember who you are:
You are beautiful, kind, compassionate, strong, an undeniable force of nature!

We are all connected in this world. Think of the universe, source, GOD, and all things that make up this whole that some of us separate from.  This separation causes confusion, fear, distrust.  Move to the whole and complete what we all know exists out there, beyond our physical and material world.

Remember who you are:
You are intuitive, loving, complex, universal, and bound to succeed on this planet we call Earth.

Some of us are really not from here.  Some of us look around and almost feel inhuman because of our difficulties to love the human being, to support the disresepctful ambience of being the one who "fits in" or the one who "conforms" to the insecurities of rejection.

Remember who you are:
Fearless, honest, secure, healthy, someone who continues to strive for equality among the inhabitants of this world.

Be supportive of each other.  Be attentive to those messages that seem to pop out of nothingness.  There's more to come, just open your heart and connect your soul to develop an uncanny sense of knowing!

Remember who you are:
The piece to the puzzling concept some of us have forgotten to still want to connect with the divine energy that brought our souls into this physical body.

Meditate with the highest, purest, and best intentions.  What is your gift?  We all have multiple!  Use them to support the ones that are waking up.  Can you feel it?  It's this force that comes from the gut and suddenly shows itself white and brilliant in your mind!

Remember who you are:
Relax, forgive yourself, and let go!

Remembering who I am,
James Joseph S. L.


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