That time of year when you truly feel reflective , in my opinion, is always near the end of the year!

Tis’ The Season They Say!  I think about all the moments I’ve had that really made 2017 POP and what I have intended to manifest for the coming 2018 year just around the corner.  Always working on my tendency to think too far in the future its moments like this one right now that slow me down into the present.  That is definitely the gift I have received from my higher self this year and its lovely.

The New Year is coming (one of my favorite moments).  I love when the numbers shift and that new vibe is universally felt.  The master number 11 will bring all those manifestations into action and I couldn’t be more excited than I am today!  Why do you ask?

Let’s break it down.  12 (December) + 7(the day) + 2017 (the year) = 29 ! Break 29 down to 2 + 9 equals 11!  Therefore the energy and vibration of 11 will be circulating within and around you today and will be the “MASTER” vibration for the entire year of 2018.  We of course will experience all types of energy above and below that but overall 11 will be our foundation.

After thinking about it I was like “HOLY SH*T” no wonder I am in this mood.  The number 11 requires a lot of energy upon the individual but more importantly more patience to sift through all the energy being manifested and put into action.  11 is a high vibration number and maintains its power through meditation and introspection!  Be patient with yourself and those around you because the experience of a vibration this high can be tough but of course ultimately rewarding.

For 2018 I will be pursuing my interest in Reiki by actually becoming a Reiki Master and providing all those who are interested with a tarot card reading if one would like to explore more about themselves and guidance from the universal source.  Tarot for me has always been the best introduction to exchanging energy between us and our higher selves.  With Reiki I will be able to really push the comfort level that sometimes prohibts us from reaching moments of enlightenment or epiphanies!

No matter what 2018 brings to us all I know it will be a empowering financial year as well.  The number 8 brings abundance financially to all those who have been on that path of manifestation.  

Always have faith in your truth and you will succeed no matter what situations we endure.  Your perception of that truth may not always be seen or felt by others but it’s important to keep the conversation open.  Use the time shared with loved ones this month of December to explore others perception of their truth.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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